Feb 21

Over the Blue Horizon

Why are all these people who have not spent any real time in Blue Mars, and for that matter, have no real vested interest in its success or failure, so quick to jump on their metaphorical soap box and spew forth information that is not even remotely correct? I must admit, I get a chuckle out of these know-it-alls who really seem to know nothing, where Blue Mars is concerned. And no, Avatar Reality did not choose Cryengine 2 because they “hate apple.” They chose Cryengine because it’s “smokin hot.” Doh! lol

Oh well. Schadenfreude, at its finest, I suppose…

Avatar Reality’s Blue Planet Heads for Greener Pastures… or are they?

On January 14, 2011, Avatar Reality’s CEO, Jim Sink spoke with the Blue Mars community as a followup to his Avatar Reality Restructuring blog post. Today would be the last day at the fledgling company for Mr. Sink, along with 50% of the team. Outside of serious bug fixes, the Blue Mars client will be going into a holding pattern…