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People are social animals. Above and beyond all of the hype of whatever new technology toy comes along, above and beyond our differences, our demand to be entertained, or for privacy, or whatever else is the meme du jour, we are drawn by the need to meet and commune with others. This point is driven home with both the recent announcement of the closing of Metaplace and the Lab’s announcement of their new Linden Home program.

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Today, there is a new "old" buzzword: social softwareW. By definition, it involves using "software" to engage in "social" activities. Of course, the idea of technology-based networking is not new and has appeared in various forms since the mid-1970s. And even earlier, depending upon your definition of technology based networking. Ever hear of citizens bandW (1945)? Or for that matter ham radioW (1909)? It was not until the 1980s however that technology-based networking began making inroads with the public at large and was redefined within the spectrum of social software. And this was not for lack of interest, rather that doing so was largely cost prohibitive, from both the price of the equipment and the "time sharingW" fee.

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