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On January 14, 2011, Avatar Reality’s CEO, Jim Sink spoke with the Blue Mars community as a followup to his Avatar Reality Restructuring blog post. Today would be the last day at the fledgling company for Mr. Sink, along with 50% of the team. Outside of serious bug fixes, the Blue Mars client will be going into a holding pattern…

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The term, "ageplay" has become synonymous with a form of BDSM role play where one individual (usually a sub) dons all aspects of a child (i.e., dress, demeanor, behavior) and the other (usually a dom) dons all aspects of an adult. This, however was not always the case. To better understand why there is such a division within the second life community regarding ageplay, it would behoove us to take a history walk to the origin of ageplay and explore its trajectory within the social landscape.

Well over a decade before the web became a household term, and right on the heels of the equal rights movement of the 1960s, society at large began to recognize and address issues of child abuse. United States legislative bodies enacted the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act [42 U.S.C. § 67] in 1974. CAPTA provided state level funding for child abuse prevention, investigation and prosecution of child abusers, and assessment and treatment of child abuse victims. In addition to the state level funding, it also set aside grant money for child advocacy organizations and further research into the issue of prevention and treatment of child abuse. With this move, several states enacted mandated reporting laws which are generally known as "Duty to Report."

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