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Last Updated on Friday, 30 April 2010 02:57

In the 3rd Party Viewer Policy discussion, I asked Linden Lab to "draw a line in the sand" with regard to import and export of user created content, because, at the time, it was my understanding, per Emerald folk, that they needed an explicit "thou shalt not download or upload content that the user did not create," in order to convince them to change their import/export "feature" from what it is today (i.e., it checks for owner as opposed to creator). While I was admittedly disappointed with regard to the Emerald devs’ stance (which goes to a deeper issue that few, if any, seem consider), I was not surprised. Esp considering their circle jerk on both the Jira and in the comments section of the Cryolife papers. Still, I had hoped that they would at least be willing to change their viewer code once it was spelled out by the lab.

So much for that hope.

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