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On January 3, Linden Lab CEO, M Linden (Mark Kingdon), posted the blog post, “Happy New Year! Looking Back…Looking Ahead” outlining his vision for Second Life’s future over the next decade, with a follow up question, “What do you envision for SL in 2010 and over the next decade?.” In response to reader comments, he posted another blog post, “Responding to Your Feedback…,” promising to meet with residents in an “Office Hour” like setting in the weeks to come. This is but the first of those meetings which was close to an hour long. Unfortunately, the file is too big for youtube, so we’ve decided to publish this in podcast format. The text chat transcript can be found below the cut.

NB: For those still waiting for your invite, be sure to have voice enabled so that you can hear what M Linden has to say.
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Okay, I admit it! I am easily entertained!
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