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The 3rd Party Viewer policy went in effect today, April 30, 2010? The polls are now closed. Following are the final vote results from the in-world network polls.

NB: Stay tuned for future polls.
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On April 8th, Linden Lab VP of Platform and Technology, Joe Linden (Joe Miller), Sent an email to the OpenSource Listserv, “Brown-bag meeting to continue dialog on TVPV next Tuesday (4/13)” inviting list members to join him in an informal “brown bag” to discuss Third Party Viewer Policy concerns. This is but the first of those meetings which was close to an hour long. Unfortunately, I was unable to do an audio capture as I was experiencing computer problems. The partial text chat transcript (which is split into meeting & post meeting sections) can be found below the cut.

NB: Thank you to Gareth Nelson for providing the audio recording of this meeting.
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