Resident Roundtable with M Linden

On January 3, Linden Lab CEO, M Linden (Mark Kingdon), posted the blog post, “Happy New Year! Looking Back…Looking Ahead” outlining his vision for Second Life’s future over the next decade, with a follow up question, “What do you envision for SL in 2010 and over the next decade?.” In response to reader comments, he posted another blog post, “Responding to Your Feedback…,” promising to meet with residents in an “Office Hour” like setting in the weeks to come. This is but the first of those meetings which was close to an hour long. Unfortunately, the file is too big for youtube, so we’ve decided to publish this in podcast format. The text chat transcript can be found below the cut.

NB: For those still waiting for your invite, be sure to have voice enabled so that you can hear what M Linden has to say.

[2010/02/22 7:55] Teleport completed from
[2010/02/22 7:55] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[2010/02/22 7:55] Connected
[2010/02/22 7:56] Tinsel Silvera: Hi M and Jack
[2010/02/22 7:56] Jack Linden: blue is just having a few voice issues.. he’ll be right back
[2010/02/22 7:56] M Linden: Hi TINSEL
[2010/02/22 7:56] Tinsel Silvera: Hi Angela
[2010/02/22 7:56] Holocluck Henly: Thanks
[2010/02/22 7:56] M Linden: Hi Angela
[2010/02/22 7:56] Catherine Linden: Hi Tinsel, Angela click on a log to sit down
[2010/02/22 7:56] Tinsel Silvera: Hi Catherine
[2010/02/22 7:57] Holocluck Henly: Heya Blue! Jack 🙂
[2010/02/22 7:57] M Linden: Hi LHolocluck
[2010/02/22 7:57] Arishia Nishi: wow, you guys don’t mess around
[2010/02/22 7:57] Holocluck Henly: Thanks Melissa and M
[2010/02/22 7:57] DMC Zsigmond: Hi Melissa
[2010/02/22 7:57] M Linden: HI Arishia
[2010/02/22 7:57] Deckheard Cleanslate: Hi guys!
[2010/02/22 7:57] M Linden: Hi DMC
[2010/02/22 7:57] Catherine Linden: Everyone, if you want to sit down, click on a log
[2010/02/22 7:57] Arishia Nishi: Hello
[2010/02/22 7:57] Catherine Linden: 🙂
[2010/02/22 7:57] Holocluck Henly: I’ll be typing but I hear you
[2010/02/22 7:57] Scylla Rhiadra: Ack!!
[2010/02/22 7:57] DMC Zsigmond: G’day M 😉
[2010/02/22 7:57] Tinsel Silvera: I’ll be typing as well
[2010/02/22 7:57] Blue Linden: 20 logs ã‹¡
[2010/02/22 7:57] Seven Okelli: hello
[2010/02/22 7:57] M Linden: Hi Seven
[2010/02/22 7:58] Scylla Rhiadra: Hi M. Hi all!
[2010/02/22 7:58] M Linden: Hi Scylla
[2010/02/22 7:58] Catherine Linden: I’ll gladly give up my log! 🙂
[2010/02/22 7:58] Deckheard Cleanslate: Excuse my back M! lol
[2010/02/22 7:58] Tinsel Silvera: I can stand if need be.
[2010/02/22 7:58] M Linden: Hi Kira
[2010/02/22 7:58] Melissa Linden: is dekka here?
[2010/02/22 7:58] Kira Welty: Hiya
[2010/02/22 7:59] Scylla Rhiadra: Wow, a lot of people here I know!
[2010/02/22 7:59] Trinity Nabob: hi all 🙂
[2010/02/22 7:59] M Linden: No worries Deckheard
[2010/02/22 7:59] Seven Okelli: yeah, nice to see you all
[2010/02/22 7:59] DMC Zsigmond: Nice gathering, hello everybody 🙂
[2010/02/22 7:59] Wilma Philbin: Hi all :o)
[2010/02/22 7:59] Trinity Nabob waves
[2010/02/22 7:59] Negotium Quan: hi everybody
[2010/02/22 7:59] Holocluck Henly: Bringing my LOD down – office PC isnt MY PC 😉
[2010/02/22 7:59] Catherine Linden: Hi Negotium
[2010/02/22 7:59] M Linden: Hi Trinity, Wilma and Negotium
[2010/02/22 8:00] Catherine Linden: Trinity!
[2010/02/22 8:00] Trinity Nabob: 😀
[2010/02/22 8:00] Arbit Delacroix: Hello
[2010/02/22 8:00] Scylla Rhiadra tries to settle . . .
[2010/02/22 8:00] Wilma Philbin: Hi M :o)
[2010/02/22 8:00] M Linden: Hi Arbit
[2010/02/22 8:00] M Linden: Hi Pooky
[2010/02/22 8:00] Pooky Amsterdam: Ahoy all!
[2010/02/22 8:00] Pooky Amsterdam: indeed hello
[2010/02/22 8:00] Tinsel Silvera: HI Pooky
[2010/02/22 8:00] Catherine Linden: Hi Pooky!
[2010/02/22 8:00] Tinsel Silvera: Hi
[2010/02/22 8:00] Scylla Rhiadra waves
[2010/02/22 8:00] Holocluck Henly waves
[2010/02/22 8:00] Trinity Nabob: hihi
[2010/02/22 8:00] Negotium Quan: hi
[2010/02/22 8:01] Arishia Nishi: hi
[2010/02/22 8:01] Holocluck Henly: You mean you arent?
[2010/02/22 8:01] Scylla Rhiadra: hah
[2010/02/22 8:01] Holocluck Henly: 😛
[2010/02/22 8:03] Wilma Philbin: ok ã‹¡
[2010/02/22 8:03] Seven Okelli: so how will this work?
[2010/02/22 8:03] Wilma Philbin: I spend lots of my time working in a waterfall store
[2010/02/22 8:04] Wilma Philbin: seeing lotsa customers on a good day ã‹¡
[2010/02/22 8:04] Holocluck Henly: K
[2010/02/22 8:04] Holocluck Henly: Holocluck Henly. A few months shy of 2 years here and still a noob.
[2010/02/22 8:05] Holocluck Henly: heh
[2010/02/22 8:05] Holocluck Henly: I spent the first two months learning how to build and exploring mainland and corporate islands. I’m a big advocate of Mainland Awareness if one can say that.
[2010/02/22 8:05] Holocluck Henly: I build but dont script. And I continue to explore and appreciate the LDPW and other projects SL offers
[2010/02/22 8:05] Scylla Rhiadra: Ok, I’m Scylla . . . I’ve been here for about a year and a half. I sell books, and I’m engaged in various forms of activism here
[2010/02/22 8:05] Arishia Nishi: me?
[2010/02/22 8:05] Scylla Rhiadra: lol
[2010/02/22 8:06] Jack Linden: 🙂
[2010/02/22 8:06] Arishia Nishi: Ah, I’ve been here three years playing combat samurai island sword fighting game
[2010/02/22 8:06] Arishia Nishi: I own a sim with two other people
[2010/02/22 8:06] Tinsel Silvera: My name is Tinsel. I’ve been in SL for just over 3 years and I am the owner/creator for the Spoke n’ Cog stores.
[2010/02/22 8:06] DMC Zsigmond: DMC Zsigmond CEO and Founder |
Bringing a real world Computer Brand AMD-ATI and Science Fiction Community Development into Second Life.
[2010/02/22 8:07] Catherine Linden: cool!
[2010/02/22 8:08] Dekka Raymaker: I’m a artist in SL, I get a lot of ideas from the dissatisfaction of the residents with SL, my work is about avoidance of virtuality and reality
[2010/02/22 8:08] Catherine Linden: 🙂
[2010/02/22 8:08] Holocluck Henly nods
[2010/02/22 8:09] Jack Linden: no voice dot for arbit
[2010/02/22 8:09] Arbit Delacroix: my bad
[2010/02/22 8:09] Kira Welty: 3 years in SL exploring who I am and having fun creating things
[2010/02/22 8:09] Dekka Raymaker: ohh voice
[2010/02/22 8:09] Seven Okelli: is this a voice meeting? I asked ahead of time but got no answer
[2010/02/22 8:09] Negotium Quan: I’ve been in SL about a year and half now and I own a mens clothing store.. and got a few other projects going on in the hope SL will be able to cover my RL expenses.
[2010/02/22 8:09] Jack Linden: Seven, we are using voice yes
[2010/02/22 8:09] Gooden Uggla: I’m a 3 year resident – I head up a game creator’s company, as well as own an estate and Beach club, also an an officer and host at Parrothead Cove Gamers – i was a goner from the second I was TPed onto Svarga…
[2010/02/22 8:09] Trinity Nabob: Hihi *Trin here, Currently I run a nearly free community called Noobieville, we teach the very basics and currently have ppl on a waiting list to get in. We accept donations but in one week we have reached 21% of our monthly goal 🙂 My alt has been here since beta 😉
[2010/02/22 8:09] Angela Talamasca: it’s mixed voice/text
[2010/02/22 8:09] Deckheard Cleanslate: I thought I was missing something! lol. Let me try and switch it on.
[2010/02/22 8:09] Melissa Linden: pooky
[2010/02/22 8:09] Blue Linden: cool Trin ã‹¡
[2010/02/22 8:09] Seven Okelli: a heads up would have bee nice, esp. when I specifically asked
[2010/02/22 8:10] Trinity Nabob: 🙂
[2010/02/22 8:10] Deckheard Cleanslate: I had no Idea. Never use it so bear with me…
[2010/02/22 8:10] Seven Okelli: me too – I’ll try to get it working
[2010/02/22 8:10] Jack Linden: ha nice
[2010/02/22 8:10] Holocluck Henly forgot to mention he owns an art gallery in Bay City. Somehow forgot that.
[2010/02/22 8:11] Holocluck Henly: wow habbo?
[2010/02/22 8:11] Melissa Linden: Thank you everyone! Apologies if we missed anyone.. let’s get started!
[2010/02/22 8:11] Arbit Delacroix: Voice isn’t working for me. Oh well.
[2010/02/22 8:11] Jack Linden: < -- IM questions to me please [2010/02/22 8:11] Deckheard Cleanslate: Nor for me [2010/02/22 8:11] Seven Okelli: it's not working for me [2010/02/22 8:12] Jack Linden accepted your inventory offer. [2010/02/22 8:15] Trinity Nabob: Good to know 🙂 [2010/02/22 8:18] Jack Linden: Please do IM questions directly to me. Thanks! [2010/02/22 8:20] Pooky Amsterdam: we are lucky for that as I dont have Second Life Insurance [2010/02/22 8:20] Jack Linden: ..we have a few feature specific questions M, if you'd like those now [2010/02/22 8:22] Scylla Rhiadra: Yay! [2010/02/22 8:23] Pooky Amsterdam: Its a great way of helping with established communities and "neighborhoods" esp for new users [2010/02/22 8:23] Gooden Uggla: i look forward to seeing a new new-user experience - it's been fairly tramatic sometimes in the last 2 years [2010/02/22 8:23] Scylla Rhiadra: lol, too true [2010/02/22 8:23] Tinsel Silvera: The Linden Home process was very quick and easy to get. [2010/02/22 8:24] Gooden Uggla isn't talking only because he wouldn't shut up [2010/02/22 8:24] Dekka Raymaker: /I never thought i'd ever have a premium membership, but i do now due to Linden Homes [2010/02/22 8:25] Holocluck Henly: 🙂 [2010/02/22 8:25] Arishia Nishi: :)) [2010/02/22 8:25] Dekka Raymaker: ¡¡VIVA!! [2010/02/22 8:25] Arishia Nishi: yay, me too [2010/02/22 8:26] Jack Linden: Pooky Amsterdam: lip - sync is still in Beta what kind of improvement do you forsee for that and when? [2010/02/22 8:26] Pooky Amsterdam: ty [2010/02/22 8:26] Jack Linden: Dekka Raymaker: I've noticed that you have improved the information given on how you are moving forward with new hardware/software, sometimes the info isn't fully understood, like what is latency improvement? [2010/02/22 8:26] Melissa Linden: if anyone drops out.. please ping Jack Linden for a teleport in.. thank you. [2010/02/22 8:28] Angela Talamasca: lolol, lag (i.e., scalability) is not somthing that is simple to correct [2010/02/22 8:28] Tinsel Silvera: The smallest word is the largest issue. [2010/02/22 8:29] Trinity Nabob: nods [2010/02/22 8:29] Gooden Uggla: i have noticed that 2 announcements with the most potential for the lab shooting itsself in the foot (again) were handled rather well recently (a pleasant surprise) [2010/02/22 8:31] Angela Talamasca: spam tool [2010/02/22 8:31] Gooden Uggla nods [2010/02/22 8:31] Holocluck Henly: (yeah whats with all the strangers trying to collect everyone) [2010/02/22 8:31] Angela Talamasca: i quite accepting invites [2010/02/22 8:31] Angela Talamasca: *quite [2010/02/22 8:32] Scylla Rhiadra: This sounds good [2010/02/22 8:32] Angela Talamasca: *quit [2010/02/22 8:32] Angela Talamasca: lol [2010/02/22 8:32] Gooden Uggla: i signed up just to reserve my name [2010/02/22 8:32] Arishia Nishi: my group list is full already [2010/02/22 8:32] Angela Talamasca: i thought it was originally great [2010/02/22 8:32] Gooden Uggla: lack of verification is a problem [2010/02/22 8:32] Trinity Nabob: yes [2010/02/22 8:32] Pooky Amsterdam: Avatar united has overwhelmed me personally - I would rather have the experiences inworld [2010/02/22 8:32] Holocluck Henly: (I add people I know. But I'll be making a group of my creations and events that they can join that all they want) [2010/02/22 8:32] Trinity Nabob: Same here Pooky [2010/02/22 8:32] Scylla Rhiadra: It's another potentially valuable communication tool, though [2010/02/22 8:33] Tinsel Silvera: I use it on my iphone when away from SL. [2010/02/22 8:33] Gooden Uggla: true M, facebook kinda blows too 🙂 [2010/02/22 8:33] Holocluck Henly: The blip is an app but unfortunately cannot add its text to the feed. [2010/02/22 8:33] Wilma Philbin: Won't Linden Homes have places like the old info hubs? [2010/02/22 8:33] Holocluck Henly: Hey Gooden my farm resembles that [2010/02/22 8:33] Jack Linden: Wilma, Linden Homes do have hub areas yes. [2010/02/22 8:33] Wilma Philbin: good ã‹¡ [2010/02/22 8:33] Gooden Uggla: 🙂 [2010/02/22 8:34] Holocluck Henly: haahaaa [2010/02/22 8:34] Scylla Rhiadra: lol [2010/02/22 8:34] Scylla Rhiadra: Yes, the Valentine's day thingy . . . for instance [2010/02/22 8:34] Pooky Amsterdam: Facebook has surged past Yahoo as the number two most popular site in the U.S., drawing nearly 134 Million Unique Visitors [2010/02/22 8:35] Gooden Uggla: i understand that AU is a good idea, but the ability to use a group invite as advertising kinda blunts it [2010/02/22 8:35] Holocluck Henly: Yahoo has ruined itself at lightning pace the past 5-6 yrs [2010/02/22 8:35] Tinsel Silvera: So far FB has not closed my account but I expect it to eventually. [2010/02/22 8:35] Holocluck Henly: I invested RL money into my farm. they better not [2010/02/22 8:35] Seven Okelli: yes, and I've been afraid of what I feel is a fascination with Facebook. [2010/02/22 8:35] Holocluck Henly: and MySpace is unwieldy [2010/02/22 8:36] Seven Okelli: SL should be the new internet [2010/02/22 8:36] Tinsel Silvera: It's one of the top 3 search places now. [2010/02/22 8:36] Gooden Uggla: holo just be careful not to specifically and publically point to yourself regarding being an av account [2010/02/22 8:36] Tinsel Silvera: Agree Seven. [2010/02/22 8:36] Deckheard Cleanslate: IMO the only people that follow SL on FB are people that are already residents of SL. [2010/02/22 8:36] Pooky Amsterdam: there is the blip thing you can buy for 0L on xstreet for verification [2010/02/22 8:36] Gooden Uggla: the peopole who make noise get the axe [2010/02/22 8:36] Trinity Nabob: I personally have 700 SL facebook friends. [2010/02/22 8:36] Seven Okelli: People will look back at Facebook the way they look at 8-track tapes [2010/02/22 8:37] Deckheard Cleanslate: Most residents want SL to be their fantasy land where their innermost dreams can come true. They're not likely to want to share their private fantasies with general friends on Twitter or Facebook. [2010/02/22 8:38] Seven Okelli: For me, Facebook and Twitter are the past, and SL is the future. [2010/02/22 8:38] Trinity Nabob: Agreed Seven. [2010/02/22 8:38] Scylla Rhiadra: If Avatars United is improved, Facebook might become less desireable as a link up to SLs [2010/02/22 8:38] Tinsel Silvera: True Scylla [2010/02/22 8:38] Dekka Raymaker: /for an artist 'predictable' isn't a word often used [2010/02/22 8:39] Trinity Nabob: I would prefer an inworld social network that was much more robust. [2010/02/22 8:39] Holocluck Henly: I think however as part of the enhancements planned for AU which I'm sure there are, some security basics such as restricting friend requests on assorted levels might be necessary [2010/02/22 8:39] Tinsel Silvera: Options are good. [2010/02/22 8:39] Gooden Uggla: exactly trinity, more groups 🙂 [2010/02/22 8:39] Pooky Amsterdam: more groups yes agreed [2010/02/22 8:39] Scylla Rhiadra: Excellent [2010/02/22 8:40] Gooden Uggla: good news M [2010/02/22 8:40] Trinity Nabob: AU - No Thank you 🙂 I will check it out again... in 6 months 🙂 [2010/02/22 8:40] Holocluck Henly: Problems I find with feedback is the site uses a 3rd party requiring its own login, so it's discouraging to cite bugs etc [2010/02/22 8:41] Kira Welty: Just say no to data scraping... [2010/02/22 8:41] M Linden: yes [2010/02/22 8:41] Gooden Uggla: angela... anyone with a SAM broadcaster and a shoutcast stream can gather your data [2010/02/22 8:42] Holocluck Henly: As someone who works in tier 3 on several subscription sites, no one in SL is likely to be snooping on what you had for breakfast. But you cant avoid the fact that for anything to work in the internet, your computer has to request data from servers [2010/02/22 8:43] Trinity Nabob: ...but my breakfast was classified 😉 [2010/02/22 8:43] Holocluck Henly: oh [2010/02/22 8:43] Pooky Amsterdam: incredibly impressive [2010/02/22 8:43] Holocluck Henly holds tongue about friend's plight [2010/02/22 8:44] Trinity Nabob: *ears perk up [2010/02/22 8:44] Holocluck Henly: as in restricting alternate viewers etc? [2010/02/22 8:44] Tinsel Silvera: Yes. [2010/02/22 8:44] Scylla Rhiadra: As info goes off-world, in things like Facebook, the ability of LL to respond to disclosure violations will surely be reduced? [2010/02/22 8:45] Tinsel Silvera: Been reading pros and cons regarding that in the blogs. [2010/02/22 8:45] Pooky Amsterdam: Yes bu it is OUR Resonsiility too as to what we put out there [2010/02/22 8:45] DMC Zsigmond:\ [2010/02/22 8:45] Gooden Uggla: lately there's been an interesting increase in transaction failure periods, they're shorter but more frequent - not terrible but places with a lot of transactions definitely have noticed [2010/02/22 8:45] Holocluck Henly: true and often it's common sense [2010/02/22 8:45] DMC Zsigmond: [2010/02/22 8:46] Pooky Amsterdam: no authorization in effect from peak then? [2010/02/22 8:46] Arishia Nishi: it's opt out by sim [2010/02/22 8:46] Holocluck Henly: I'm not too thrilled with that aspect of the snapzilla etc places which automatically post locations [2010/02/22 8:46] Holocluck Henly: again 3rd party [2010/02/22 8:47] Pooky Amsterdam: as when we do machinima we must have approval from the areas we are filming on - might thsi be a similar way of handling it? [2010/02/22 8:47] Scylla Rhiadra: But what mechanism can you use for third party sites? The ToS doesn't extend off world [2010/02/22 8:47] Pooky Amsterdam: if you take a picture of yourself as a tourist in NYC and ther eare ppl in the backgroudn - you dont need to get approval from the peole eating a hot dog behind you in the photo [2010/02/22 8:47] Gooden Uggla: onward to delaware! [2010/02/22 8:47] Pooky Amsterdam: lol Gooden [2010/02/22 8:48] Holocluck Henly: I can tell you where my office is here in NYC and you still cant find me [2010/02/22 8:48] Angela Talamasca: exactly, pooky [2010/02/22 8:48] Holocluck Henly: an intersection [2010/02/22 8:48] Deckheard Cleanslate: Is it possible at all for any resident to assess any private information of another resident through SL? [2010/02/22 8:48] Wilma Philbin: I think Scylla's question is interesting [2010/02/22 8:48] Trinity Nabob: nods @ Pooky [2010/02/22 8:49] Trinity Nabob: objects uploaded? or textures, sound, animation. [2010/02/22 8:49] Pooky Amsterdam: when you are on the internet there is some danger - you should not in any way accept files from someone you dont know - you might get a key log- whose responsibility is it if you do? Firefox? or your own? [2010/02/22 8:49] Wilma Philbin: How far does the TOS for SL reach? [2010/02/22 8:49] Jack Linden: the mainland, we're in almost continual review of new issues and services that impact residents there [2010/02/22 8:50] Angela Talamasca: imo, the tos cannot reach past the borders of SL [2010/02/22 8:50] Holocluck Henly: All virtual communities from what I've seen have been made as pet projects, perhaps with the vision of a utopia and a touch of idealism behind them. they always take on a life of its own and the RL rules begin to apply. [2010/02/22 8:50] Angela Talamasca: the question is, how will the lab address this within their own walls? i.e., banning, etc [2010/02/22 8:50] Wilma Philbin: yes [2010/02/22 8:50] Scylla Rhiadra: But LL is extending its "walls" by reaching out to other sites [2010/02/22 8:50] Scylla Rhiadra: How do we deal with that? [2010/02/22 8:51] Pooky Amsterdam: be vigilant [2010/02/22 8:51] Jack Linden: Trinity Nabob: M Linden: Can you expand on this "New Orientation Experience" since that's what we are already doing on Noobieville. [2010/02/22 8:51] Jack Linden: === 10 minutes remaining [2010/02/22 8:51] Angela Talamasca: true, scylia, but that is so with other inet companies as well. [2010/02/22 8:51] Pooky Amsterdam: look at Google Buzz! oi! [2010/02/22 8:52] Angela Talamasca: omg, so truee pooky! [2010/02/22 8:52] Angela Talamasca: and what forced that companies hand to change it? bad bad press! [2010/02/22 8:52] Holocluck Henly: Is there a model of this new orientation we can see somewhere? [2010/02/22 8:53] Deckheard Cleanslate: Does this new orientation include showing them how to achieve adult status? [2010/02/22 8:53] Holocluck Henly: first things first [2010/02/22 8:53] Pooky Amsterdam: yes the new user wants to not feel alone and wants to be able to move [2010/02/22 8:53] Deckheard Cleanslate: For most people that would be the first thing to do! lol [2010/02/22 8:53] Gooden Uggla: i'd kinda like to hear what they have planned for the zindra ghetto [2010/02/22 8:53] Holocluck Henly: learn to use the client and move around, then go to your area of interest [2010/02/22 8:54] Trinity Nabob: I deal with ppl on a daily basis who don't know what a "prim" is. For example. [2010/02/22 8:54] Wilma Philbin: Most people I know don't have a game computer soo even good computers fail to run SL well, I think that is one of the obstacles to SL becoming the new internet [2010/02/22 8:54] Holocluck Henly: The problem with SL's image is "this is where to have sex" instead of "this is a place where many interests are accommodated including adult activitis" [2010/02/22 8:54] Pooky Amsterdam: well tha tis like real lif elook - it is what you are lookig for [2010/02/22 8:55] Arishia Nishi: great [2010/02/22 8:55] Trinity Nabob: Thank you. [2010/02/22 8:55] Holocluck Henly: if i arrive in club med i check in first [2010/02/22 8:55] Arishia Nishi: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'* [2010/02/22 8:55] Pooky Amsterdam: if you look to find Science you will find it [2010/02/22 8:55] Angela Talamasca: oh, and mesh! [2010/02/22 8:55] Tinsel Silvera: Wonderful! [2010/02/22 8:55] Arishia Nishi: mesh! [2010/02/22 8:55] Holocluck Henly: mesh = "blahblah avatar body blah blah" [2010/02/22 8:56] Angela Talamasca: exactly, it's the ability to create dynamically in world [2010/02/22 8:56] Pooky Amsterdam: YAY a watershed moment - thesea re SO Valuable on so many levels [2010/02/22 8:56] Arishia Nishi: meah [2010/02/22 8:56] Arishia Nishi: mesh [2010/02/22 8:56] Angela Talamasca: that is what makes SL stand out ahead of other 3d worlds [2010/02/22 8:56] Holocluck Henly: like extrusions sigh [2010/02/22 8:57] Pooky Amsterdam: absolutely and also the SL resident is a bit more savvy , and becomes so as well I think [2010/02/22 8:57] Pooky Amsterdam: technically [2010/02/22 8:57] Dekka Raymaker: /sorry I have to leave, thank you 🙂 [2010/02/22 8:57] Seven Okelli: bye Dekka! [2010/02/22 8:57] Jack Linden: thanks Dekka! [2010/02/22 8:57] Holocluck Henly: take care Dekka! [2010/02/22 8:57] Deckheard Cleanslate: Before we close can I just throw in one last very important question...Is anything planned to counter Content theft? Content theft is one of the biggest and most talked about problems with SL that is fast ruining SL and the lives of the people that make it such a rich experience. [2010/02/22 8:57] Angela Talamasca: when will the lab be posting a followup to the 3rd party viewer policy announcment? [2010/02/22 8:57] Pooky Amsterdam: /Bye Dekka! nice tomeet you [2010/02/22 8:57] Angela Talamasca: it's been almost 4 months [2010/02/22 8:57] Scylla Rhiadra: Bye Dekka [2010/02/22 8:57] Scylla Rhiadra: kk [2010/02/22 8:58] Scylla Rhiadra: This was REALLY worthwhile. Please do it more often! [2010/02/22 8:58] Pooky Amsterdam: comment on Content theft [2010/02/22 8:58] Trinity Nabob: Yes please do this again . [2010/02/22 8:58] Gooden Uggla: thanks M, this is a good idea [2010/02/22 8:58] Wilma Philbin: Yeah - tx it's been great ã‹¡ [2010/02/22 8:58] Seven Okelli: thanks for having us [2010/02/22 8:58] Blue Linden: I'm good, just glad this worked out thank you to everyone [2010/02/22 8:58] Angela Talamasca: yes, content theft! [2010/02/22 8:58] Scylla Rhiadra: Will a transcript be posted? [2010/02/22 8:58] Tinsel Silvera: Thank you for the invite. [2010/02/22 8:58] Arishia Nishi: I just want to say that SL has improved soooo much since I came [2010/02/22 8:58] Tinsel Silvera: Hope to do this again. [2010/02/22 8:58] Scylla Rhiadra: Thank you! [2010/02/22 8:58] Arishia Nishi: tytyty [2010/02/22 8:58] Arbit Delacroix: I wish I could have heard what was being said but thank you for the invite. [2010/02/22 8:58] M Linden: Thank you everyone!


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  2. CommentsInara Pey   |  Monday, 22 February 2010 at 23:47

    Angela, thanks for this. A shame no-one in LL had the foresight to do the same.

  3. CommentsBlue Linden   |  Tuesday, 23 February 2010 at 00:13

    I'm afraid that I'm to blame Inara. I had technical problems and was unable to resolve them before the meeting started. Thank gawd for Angela 🙂

  4. CommentsAngela   |  Tuesday, 23 February 2010 at 00:59

    Not you, Blue! The software. It's murphy's law you know. Things always break at the worst possible moments!

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  9. CommentsInara Pey   |  Tuesday, 23 February 2010 at 14:24

    Fair enough, Blue, and happy to stand corrected!

  10. CommentsMal Burns   |  Tuesday, 23 February 2010 at 14:07

    "Resident Roundtable with M Linden"

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